Monday, September 7, 2009

Still going......

I'm still in transition from relaxer to natural, I haven't given up on it just yet.  But wow!  I did not know it would be so much work!  I am what I consider to be very low maintenance.  With a relaxer I didn't have to wash my hair once a week, and when I did wash it that frequently, it was because my scalp would flake so badly that I didn't have a choice.  I could work out, wrap my hair, and be ready to go in the morning.  Maybe a little bend here and there with the flat iron or curling iron, but I'd be on my way.  Since taking my braids out and deciding to go natural, I've washed my hair once every week, and believe me, that's really stretching my hair style.  I could very well wash twice a week, but I just don't have the time nor skill to do that.  Because I'm dealing with two different textures of hair, the curls at my natural roots sweat out much faster than the relaxed ends.  However, because I still have more relaxer than natural roots, I can still get away with covering the roots with the curls on the end. 

I'm still reading the blogs, and websites dedicated to natural hair, and I've brought my first products.  I purchased Herbal Essences totally twisted conditioner and Cantu Shea Butter strengthening treatment.  I can't give a review of the totally twisted because honestly, I don't think it helps my hair to curl as I thought it would.  However, it smells awesome!  I will continue to use it until it's gone.  The Cantu Shea Butter makes my hair feel really soft, and makes it manageable.  From what I can tell now, it will be a keeper for me.  And this product also smells wonderful. 

I've been enlisting the help of one of my best friends every week, and luckily she's been a willing participant in making me look presentable to the world during this transition.  We've been setting my hair with the perm/jherri curl rods, and it actually come out really cute.  The ironic thing is that I'm finally getting a chance to use the jherri curl rods that I begged my mom for.  LOL!!  Yeah, I cracked myself up with that thought!

I'm still hanging in there.  Still trying to get used to my natural texture and fall in love with what God gave me.  I haven't given up yet.  So to all my newly natural sistas who are out there with me, keep hope alive.  We can do this!

Sweet T

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