Sunday, February 22, 2009

"How do we know that God is real?"

Another question my son asked me one morning. He has really been asking deep questions lately. One morning he asked, what does virgin mean? Whoa! That's a whole other post. :)

This particular morning, on our way to school, he asked, "Mommy, how do we know that God is real?" Boy, did he get me with this one. He says, "I'm not saying that I don't believe, Mommy, because I do. I just want to know, how do we really know that He's real if we can't see him?" He kept assuring me that he believed, I guess the look on my face said it all. LOL! I was in total shock. And the thoughts that went through my head, I'm sure showed on my face. I couldn't help but think, am I doing something wrong, have I not taught him correctly, how can he question if God is real?

After the initial shock, I tried to explain it to him the best that I could, the only way I knew how. I told him, how else can we explain how the universe was formed? How do we explain the birds, flowers, how our bodies work? He then says, "Mommy, some people don't believe." And I explained that they have that choice, that is another thing that makes God who He is, we have the choice to believe or not.

On a local radio station I listen to at times, the DJ played a segment of the show where India Arie was on, singing live. She sang her song, "God is real". First off let me say, her voice is amazing! I think one of the best voices we have been blessed with. Her performace gave me chills as I listened. As she sang, she gave her reasons why she knew that God was real: When there's earth, air, water, and fire. So many different flowers Sunshine and rain showers So many different crystals And hills and volcanoes

She then begins to sing about her trip to St. Lucia, when she jumped in the water, the type of fish she saw, the colors she saw, how she felt cleansed being in the water. She couldn't even finish the song, because she began to cry. These were some of the things that I tried to explain to my son, although I could have never done it as eloquently as she did.

In looking back, I realize that the answers I gave my son, were not good enough. I realize that he has every right to ask if God is real. I do not want him to go into anything blindly. I think that's the way that people get caught up in cults. I also think that's the way people begin to follow a man instead of following God. I want him to question things. So my perspective has changed about this question. I'm glad he asked. I realize his question has nothing to do with me and how I'm raising him, but everything to do with his growth, and how he sees the world. So in actuality, I think I am doing what I'm supposed to do. I'm raising a child who thinks and is not led blindly. That's one thing I'm proud of.

Although, I don't think I answered my son's question properly, I realize that we have the rest of our lives to find the answer. I Thank God for giving us choices, and the freedom to think. I know that He will lead us to find the answer to this question and there will be no doubt that God is real!

My tidbit: sometimes we think that children can't teach us things, but in actuality if we just stop, listen and watch, they can teach us more than we think. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Sweet T

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