Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cleaning out my closets...........

I know some may see this title and think this post is going to be something deep like coming clean to a friend by telling her your secret that you've slept w/ her man, or telling your man that you're pregnant by another man, or telling your mom that when you were 16 you kissed her boyfriend. But no my friends, this post is about just what the title says. I am literally cleaning out my closets in my home. What a job it is! I started w/ my closet. I've found new clothes w/ tags on them. Clothes that I haven't worn in years that are 4 sizes too small, and clothes that I haven't worn for some time that have only been worn once or twice. I've found shoes that are truly gone out of style. Shoes that I haven't worn since who knows when, and those shoes that are so worn in that you hesitate to give them away or throw them away because they fit just right. I found handbags that I haven't used in years. Some I haven't seen since high school. I then moved on to my books, my son's games, his toys and books, and his clothes. And, I am not finished. I probably won't be for another week or so. That's just the amount of stuff I have accumulated over the 5 years of being in this house. Who knows what I brought with me upon moving in.

All of this led me to think about how blessed I really am. Even though I have a hallway full of things to give away or sell, I still have a closet full of clothes and shoes. My son still has games to play, and we both still have new books that have yet to be read. Although I am a little depressed over finding the clothes that are 4 sizes too small, it reminds me that I have not missed a meal, and my waistline proves that.

So, if you haven't figured it out yet, my tidbit for today is..............COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. You can start by cleaning out your closets.


jacci said...

I totally agree. It is important that you often stop and take stock of what you have to realize just how blessed you are. Purging is also good for the soul

Blacdiamon said...

okay so when you were 16 what boyfriend of your mom did you kiss?

Now on to the topic at hand:
I agree, you never realize how blessed you are until you think you are missing out on something or stop and breathe and take account of what GOD had bestowed upon you.

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