Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pay raise for Congress?

Watching the news today, I see that a pay increase is scheduled for Members of Congress. Wow! I check online to find out more information and discover that, it is in fact true. Members of Congress will receive a cost of living increase of about $4700 per member. Wow! Which will cost tax payers about 2.5 million. Wow! A typical lawmaker makes about $169,000, per year.

The average working adult is living paycheck to paycheck. It's been reported that the middle class are almost non existent. People that we deem as rich or wealthy have been forced into foreclosure. Banks have gone under. The stock market has seen it's lowest numbers in years. But Congress voted to give themselves a pay raise. Yes, some did vote against it, but miraculously, there were more who voted for the raise. Wow!

Do I think that they do not work hard? Not at all. I think they work very hard. But they also play very hard. Right now they are on vacation for the Holidays. How many of us can take off for a couple of weeks, with pay? I know that because of their choice to work for our country, make laws and things like that, they should be allowed to experience and have privileges that most Americans can't. However, they are fully compensated for the job that they do.

One reporter asked a lady on the street if she felt the raise was necessary or valid. She said that she thought it was. She said that Congress works very hard, and she also said that her husband worked for Congress for many years. Hmmm? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. Of course she would say that.

I'm not saying that they should not get a raise. I'm just wondering if this is the right time. The way the economy is, the rate that folks are losing jobs, is this the best time for Congress to take money from taxpayers? We've seen the Big 3 asking for bailout money, and Congress members wailing on them about their private jets, and salaries. Lets ask the Members of Congress if they are willing to work for $1. Lets ask them if they are willing to work for half of that average $169,000 that they make now.

I guess I'm a little pissed off about this, so I'm babbling on. These are just my random thoughts for today. No tidbits. I just honestly think that now is not the time for a pay raise for Members of Congress. Especially when the next story on the news is about one of the Big 3 companies shutting down for a month, and the workers will not be paid during that time.

Sweet T

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Blacdiamon said...

It's all good that they are getting a raise, but as you said what about those who can't take off a couple off weeks to experience the "joys of life". We are blessed enough to go on vaction at any giving time, you are able to take your child to see parts of the world the others are not able to see but it all comes from hard word and planning. What's sad about this whole thing...There are many who are not able to just up and go to exotic islands, hop a plane to Europe, or just go to a bed and breakfast with out planning a year in advance. They do need a raise, but we all do! We all should be able to experience the better things in life and not have to worry about our next paycheck and how we will pay for this and that and still have money to make it through the week.

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