Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Would You Do?

I watched the movie, Gone Baby Gone, last night and it left a burning question in my mind. Well, it left me wondering about several things, but the main question I have is "What would I do?" The main character in the movie was hired to help find a missing little girl. I won't give away the movie, but I will say that by the end of the movie he finds the girl. However, he is faced with a decision that to some may seem very hard to do. It is a decision that to some may seem easy, but for me it left some questions in my mind. I know we've all seen and heard of children who are abused, or neglected by those who are not their natural parents. But what if it is their natural parent (s)? But what if a child is in a situation where the parent (s) may not be necessarily physically abusive, is there in the home with the child but still not really attentive. What if that parent is a provider, and does what is required by law for the child, but still is lacking in some areas? Would we call that abuse? There are no physical scars on the child and the child appears to be healthy. Would you or even can you report abuse to CPS for a child who is provided for, but yet lacking in other areas?

The movie touched on issues of child abuse, horrendous child sexual abuse also. It actually kept me up last night after watching it. I know for sure that we would report any type of sexual abuse. Wouldn't we? Or would we say, "It's not our business" or "It's not my child". We have to begin to protect our children at all cost. I am hurt, but mostly angered at the lack of protection our children receive today. We all have to look out for each other's children.

My tid bit for today is, HOLD ON TO YOUR CHILDREN. Don't just do the minimum that is necessary or what is required by law. Talk to them. Listen to them. Spend time with them. I know with this economy we adults are so consumed with maintaining our household, that it may seem as if we don't have the time or energy to do this, but lets not forget our babies. They grow up so fast, and before you know it, they'll be gone. No more babies, no more football practices to ship them to or fro. No more dance recitals to watch. No more homework to be checked. Before we know it, they'll be Gone, Baby. Gone.

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