Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Will the real church please stand up?

I had a conversation today with my friend whom I've been friends with since forever, it seems. Somehow, the conversation went to the church. She and I both are Christians, however, at this time in her life she is going on a path of deeper spiritual growth that I have yet to experience. She has been at this thing for a long time now. We've both experienced some set backs, but I can thank God that we've both been able to get up, and keep moving. She began to share with me some things that she has experienced along her journey to become closer to God. Some of the things that she has experienced, I can say I have never experienced, but I have heard of others who have gone through similar things.

She has experienced, out right jealousy, nastiness, back biting, and tearing down of character. And this is just the short list. She describes these things as almost being the death of her. This angers me. Why? Because as Christians, aren't we supposed to lift each other up? I know that we are all human. I know that we sin daily. I know that none of us are perfect. However, if the church is supposed to be the place that we are to run to when we are at our lowest, and when we get there, we are still treated as if we are nobody, or that we are not good enough to be there, what is the point of it all?

The stories I hear about what goes on in church has always prevented me from becoming one of the folks that usher, or are very active in the church. I know I shouldn't let others influence my decisions, but I guess I didn't want to see or experience the things that I've heard about.

Right now, I'm at a place that I will call "stagnant". I'm not a member of a church (at least not an active member), and I haven't been to one consistently in a while. I wholeheartedly believe that I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. But I've come to the point where I have questions about the things that go on in church. Not just the "human" things that happen but the so called "spiritual" ones too.

In the meantime, why can't we all just be good to one another? Why do we have to tear each other down? Especially in the church? My tidbit for today, lets start treating each other well. If a friend or family member has some good news, be truly happy for them. You too can have that same good news. I know there is good in all of us. Let's begin to treat each other the way that we would want to be treated. This is not to put down the church, I know there are many out there that do great things. I'm just afraid of what the next generation is going to be left with if they can't trust that they have a safe place to go to.

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