Tuesday, December 16, 2008


On my way home from work the other day, I'm driving down the street and notice a large crowd of teenage kids. Girls and boys. I immediately think, "Something is about to happen". As I sit at the light, I watch them as they continue to walk. They walk into a yard on a corner lot. Then it happened. A fight. I knew something was about to go down. I'm not that old that I don't remember the days when we used to follow a fight after school. All day long, we'd hear the buzz of who was going to fight who, and where and what time it was going to happen. I'm also not that old to not want to watch a fight and report what happened to my friends who may have missed it. LOL!! But, something was a little different this time. As I sat at the light, I also began to think, "What if one of them pulls out a gun?" or "What if one of them has a weapon?" I also thought, should I call the police?

What happened to a time when a fight was just that? A fight. No weapons. Just two people battling out their frustrations. Fighting over he said she said type of stuff. There were no worries over whether or not both people would walk away from the fight, because most likely, they always did. One may not have as much pride as they did before the fight, because they lost, but they walked away. And the two parties would most likely be friends in a month or two. Why did my thoughts begin to go there? Am I brainwashed by the media to think that kids are not kids anymore?

From what I can tell, no one was hurt badly from this fight. It was just what I remember a fight to be: A fight! No weapons. No jumping. Just two people battling. As I drove away from the light, I shook my head. No, I didn't call the police. And I am happy to report that nothing was in the paper to suggest that this fight turned into something deadly.

I don't have a tidbit for today, I can only say that if you are at the age where you have had some of these same thoughts when you've seen teenagers like this, think about you at that age. And look at who you've become. If you are still doing some of the things you did at that age, then yes, I think you should be afraid. But if you've matured and become a responsible adult, don't be so hard on the kids. I know we're dealing with a "new breed" of teens/children these days, but they are not all bad.

Sweet T

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Blacdiamon said...

Now you know you were suppose to tell me about this fight.lol! It's always funny to see a good old fashion but whoppin when it don't effect my transportation!

Anyway, you did have a tidbit if you didn't notice, it was don't be so hard on the kids; as long as no one was hurt because it was a good old fashion fight.

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